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Down Payment Resource

Whether you’re home shopping for yourself or a family member, finding government programs and services that can offer down payment assistance is a godsend.

But where to start?

There are many programs available offered at all levels of government.

C.A.R.’s Down Payment Resource is a web tool (access it from any browser) that summarizes all the programs available in a particular real estate area.

To use it, fill in the details-not just where you are shopping (either a specific address or a broader search area by city or county) but also details about the target price, income level, and special circumstances. For example, there are programs for educators, veterans, Native Americans, militry survivors, and much more.

Your search quickly returns a list of all the programs you might qualify for, with a plain-English summary and links for more details (complete with next steps and contact information to get you/family member started.

Information was taken from California Association of Realtors Magazine